Garden City Al Yash Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Property type: Villa / House

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About Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated in the southern part of the European continent Balkan region, which contributed to the beauty of nature and characterized by the abundance of rivers that exceed 300 rivers and springs and cascades This unique geographical location, which presents the warm Mediterranean climate coming from the south and the cold continental effect coming from the north, Variety in plants and animals is a rare additional feature of this country. Bosnia is a very exciting tourist destination, due to its geographical location, its unique nature, its cultural and historical treasures and its favorable climatic conditions with many natural possibilities for developing various forms of tourism.


Al-Yash is the best area in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its location is Mays and Astratji on the international road from Pacharjia and Vesko. It is close to Don Town. The distance is not more than 10 km. Sarajevo Airport is 13 km. It is considered one of the most populated areas. Benju Market and Kenzo Market and near the Bosna River.

About the project:

The project is a modern residential resort with 30 separate villas and each villa has its own garden as well as an integrated service area that includes supermarkets, children’s recreation areas, barbecue areas, a walkway, restaurant, mosque and valleys, as well as a car rental office, a tour desk in the Republic of Bosnia and the management of the project. The purchase is for the purpose of investment in addition to the security system of control rooms and electronic gates 24 hours

General specifications of the project:

• Land area starts from 339 meters to 781 meters.
• The project consists of 30 independent villas connected to 3 different models.
• Model A 4-room villa and 2-storey lounge area 136 square meters with separate garden.
• Model B 4-room villa and two-story lounge area of 156 square meters with separate garden for each villa.
• Model C 5-room villa and two-story lounge area of 221 square meters with separate garden.
• Possibility to add a private pool for each villa as desired by the client.

the prices:

The price of villas in the project starts from 379 thousand dirhams

Delivery time:

Delivery project 05-2020.

Payment methods:

• 30% down payment.
• 15% when finished pouring the foundations.
• 15% when pouring the roof of the first floor.
• 15% upon completion of the concrete works, the building arrived as a structure.
• 15% when 85% of the villa is completed.
• 10% delivery payment.

Project Location: