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A brief about Georgia 

The Republic of Georgia is known as the Pearl of Caucasus. It is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia is located at the eastern European junction with West Asia. It is bordered to the north by Russia, from the south by Turkey and Armenia while from the east, by Azerbaijan and from the west by the Black Sea.
This unique geographic location presents Georgia to the warm Mediterranean climate coming from the south and the cold continental weather coming from the north. This yields a great variety of plants and animals. This is a rare additional feature that adds more and more charm to this country.
Georgia is a very exciting tourist destination due to its geographical location, its unique nature, its cultural and historical background. Its moderate climatic conditions open plenty of possibilities for developing various forms of tourism.


Is the capital of Georgia. It is located in the middle of the eastern region and extends on the foothills of the Trialeti Range with a river that runs through its center (the Cora river). It is called “Tbili”, a Georgian word that means “warm” and hence the name of this city. It contains many tourist attractions such as:
Freedom Square: The most popular Tbilisi areas where there are restaurants, cafes and the finest fashion houses such as Burberry, Dior along many other designer boutiques. There are also some five-star hotels overlooking the square such as Marriott Hotel. The grounds feature a garden with free wireless internet access where you can take a break from all the walking and socialize with friends through social networking programs.
Russiaville Street: The city’s main street, starting from Freedom Square and extending 1.55 miles, the vibrant heart of Tbilisi, with many government and historical buildings in addition to commercial markets.
Chardney Street: It is the main pedestrian street of the city, with its many cafés and fine restaurants that offer enjoyable sessions on both sides of the street.

Tower MF1:

Our project is located in the center of Georgia in the heart of the capital Tbilisi, which contains many tourist attractions sites. What distinguishes our site is that it is only 10 minutes away from Tbilisi Mall, the most famous mall. The tower is also characterized by it modern design. All this in addition to the services provided within the tower. It consists of 18 residential floors. what’s more, parking levels and a private floor for services.

Project’s location

The project is located just 10 minutes from Tbilisi Mall.
Just 4 km from the Mtkvari River.
10 km from Tbilisi Maritime Club.
5 km from Lizzy Lake.
10 km from the famous Tbilisi Zoo.

Characteristics of the Project:

A strategic location in the heart of Georgia.
Excellent rates with flexible payment plans.
Spacious and comfortable apartments.
Massage service, sauna and free steam bath.
Hypermarket is available throughout the day and week.
Kids zone.
Running and walking area
Around the clock security.
Parking areas.

Delivery date:

Second quarter of 2019.

Payment method:

15% first installment.
15% upon delivery.
70% installments on 48 months.

Project’s location: