The Nest AlSharjah Sharjah, UAE

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Property type: Apartments/Flat


  • Garage / Parking
  • Gym
  • Sports Walkway
  • Swimming pool


The Nest AlSharjah

There are three universities in Sharjah, the most prominent of which are three universities: the American University of Sharjah. Skyline University College. – University of Sharjah. This allows students to choose any of these colleges and do not worry about the housing near the central hub that provides areas for entertainment, hiking and other recreational sports and many restaurants

In addition, the building you live in provides a variety of facilities: art studio, music hall, library, terraces, social hall, dining and drink outlets, multi-purpose hall.

Separate facilities for men and women Swimming pools – Gym – Study rooms – Vegetable garden – Sports facilities – Outdoor seating / study area.

It is possible that the project will consist of ten buildings: five (5) of which are for males and (5) for females. Each building will have 113 units comprising 250 rooms. A bed for every building, or 250 students per building, compared to many other student residences around the world, the provision of 2500 beds in a ten-room apartment is certainly a wonderful project. Thanks to its location, stunning architecture and payment plan, it is a great investment.

To buy an apartment in the “project” the price starts from 299,000 dirhams. By keeping the cost at a minimum, students can easily rent or own their own space or share it with someone else. In addition, there is a specific payment plan that will help the owners at the expense of their investments easily as follows

An incredible repayment plan! The buyer was able to arrange his money to pay the amount if needed. Since the payment is progressively the buyer is one step away from owning an investment with large returns, It’s really easy, such as signing a document and making timely payments to make an investment that will definitely boost the future.

For eager learners and researchers who want to study to improve themselves as they get older, making this investment is a judgmental idea where there is much to do with unity. The owner can choose to build their own space for their children or rent them in the near future. No matter what your choice, investing in the project will not make you a loser. The project is on its way to completion and is now open for purchase. With a flexible repayment plan, a great location and a solid infrastructure, take advantage of this golden opportunity and be part of this amazing project.